Years ago I bought a box of pralines in a Russian shop. Birds were painted on its outside, and it read ‘Vogelmilch’ (literally: bird milk). I was immediately fascinated by this term: It sounded mysterious and utopian. Afterwards, I learned that ‘Vogelmilch’ was also the name of an Eastern European dessert and moreover a Yiddish idiom denoting the impossible.  A fabulous name for my own wonderland: a shop of a different sort where you can find extraordinary things – oftentimes too beautiful to be true.

I have not set up Vogelmilch in order to get rich. It is not suited for expansion, but it represents my philosophy and a manifesto against old values and treasures falling into oblivion. This is why recycling plays an important role for Vogelmilch. Apart from new fashion, there is a separate 3rd hand line that offers more than just pimped out 2nd hand grunge clothes. Chosen (not selected!) used vintage or even  antique clothing is carefully cleaned by hand, sometimes dyed, imprinted or embroidered, taken apart and combined with other (old or new) fabrics. In this way, wonderful unica are created. Moreover, these items are eco-friendly and low-pollution because of repeated laundering.

I have been inspired by the way in which textiles were handled after World War II: Every inch of cloth was precious, and clothing was tailored out of military blankets, curtains and parachute silk. On my journeys through Germany and Scandinavia, I came across other artists who produce 3rd hand fashion, and I was delighted.

Many people are not aware of the circumstances of social and ecological exploitation under which their clothes are produced in foreign countries. Fast food clothing, which usually ends up in the old clothes collection before long, does not even benefit the final recipients very much (please click here for more information). You should rather sell your old clothing at the flea market, organize exchange parties or become creative by yourself.

Vogelmilch values old and forgotten motifs, but nevertheless takes decadent delight in trends. Therefore, many of my designs combine vintage chic and historical borrowings with the latest trends and it-pieces of the season. Foreign issues of the “Vogue” pile up on my bedside table, besides other fashion magazines, illustrated books about historical fashion, antique doll clothes and traditional costumes. The goal of this schizophrenia is to create favourite pieces which are absolutely stylish, but look timelessly beautiful at the same time and have the potential to enchant more than one generation of women.


Foto: Stephanie von Westernhagen Vogelmilch? in english please Vogelmilch?